Paperless Office Concepts


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    Minimum Requirements
    You need only an internet access where you can use our program with your own password to manage your Documents menu. For introduction of new documents you must have a scanner at work PC.

    Pleasant work
    Paper, storage bins, folders on the desktop are a thing of the past. After the transfer of scanned documents, you have the possibility of the documents assigned to the different areas.

    Absolute flexibility
    From any PC with Internet access anywhere in the world you be able to retrieve and edit your important data and documents with your password. There can be multiple people worked simultaneously with the program to manage the required data and documents.
    Maximum efficiency at minimal cost

    If a PC at your Internet connection does not exist yet, is the need for the device and the purchase of a scanner required. (Here we are pleased to assist).
    Low monthly costs for the use of the management system, the continuous development and for which we made available to the Internet space.